nature Jul 28, 2020

Nature is home to any living creature. Imagine one species of all inhabitants is consistently trying to destroy the home that’s been given to all the living universe. I assume you would immediately come up with this inevitable question: How can one try to destroy their home? Blindly throwing away any synthetic product without caring if they are composed of environment-friendly materials so that they can turn back to nature easily, we, humans, are hurting our home even though we think we are doing it unintentionally. However, as nature experts alarmingly warn us that we don’t even have a decade to be able to consume the currently existing natural sources because they are already running out, it is now time to start taking action and put a period to this ever-lasting habit of harming the nature.

The Meaning of The World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on July 28th every year to raise awareness for protecting the earth’s natural resources and make everyone understand the importance of conserving the things that will not turn back once they are gone. This day also creates a conception about sustainability and proves that we should be a lot more conscious to think twice about the possible consequences of our actions. Eart provides us basic materials such as soil, water, air, animals, sunlight, and wants us to keep them clean and fresh if we want to stay alive. However, even these basics are in danger of running short due to several threats like deforestation, drought, using plastics… Even though the history if the World Nature Conservation Day still stays unknown, it helps us review our actions as individuals and get together to unite for a better future where we will still be having the beauties of our mother nature.

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Conserving the Natural Resources

Reuse and recycle: Think twice before throwing away what you have. There are people who can not find the most basic materials to stay alive due to others’ selfish behaviors. Also, you could reduce the usage of landscape and energy for making the new product that you are planning to buy by doing so.

Conserve water: Take less time to take a shower and do not waste the water that runs down while you are waiting for it to get warmer. Instead, you could keep it in a bucket and use it for watering your garden.

Plant a tree: Trees produce food and oxygen. They also improve water quality.

Do not spill waste oil into your sink: 1 liter of waste oil pollutes 1 million liters of clean water. Try to use them as many times as possible, and after they go bad, you can find what to do with them here.

Shop wisely: Bring your reusable bags with you when you go shopping. Try to reduce the usage of plastic bags. You will see that doing so will even reduce the Money that gets out of your pocket!

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