italy Mar 10, 2020

World's culture consists of many artists from different countries but 3 specific countries have big places in the world's culture. If you can have a chance to travel to these countries your thoughts will change also if you organize vacations to these countries you can learn many things while having a fun travel.


Italy is known as the capital of fashion and many brands are published in Italy also fashion trends are composed in Italy. Not for fashion, this country has a big part in worlds food culture.Italy restaurants contain traditional foods and modern food at the same time. Additionally, inRoma, there are many restaurants from other countries kitchens. Also, Italy is known for its architecture and old buildings. Like other categories, Italy has a big place in worlds architectural culture. If you are planning to travel to Italy you should visit Roma and have a meal or lunch at restaurants and you should view the old buildings. With these tips, you can have a fun travel.


France has a big place in fashion culture like Italy. For instance, many people organize a travel togo to France Fashion Week which is the world's most popular fashion show. Additionally, there is a very important French writer who is Moliere. Moliere is very important and special for world literature. Not for fashion and literature also for French kitchen. French kitchen is very popular and known foods because of that in many countries there are French restaurants.
Lastly, you can find many pieces of information about French in my previous writing ( .

3. Spain

Spanish is the worlds second most used language after Chinese. Spain was a big empire because of that there are some ruins of Spain's culture. Tapas is a traditional Spanish food. However, in these days you can find tapas in many restaurants menu around the world. Except this Spain is known for the festivals. Many people organize a travel to go to these festivals.

These 3 countries should be visited by every person. While you are traveling you can learn many things and taste new foods. I believe if you go to these countries you can have a fun travel.

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