What is Sharing Economy?

sharing economy Mar 07, 2021

Sharing economy is an economic system that the owner of an asset or service can share the use of them when they are not used so additional income can be generated. After the improvements in technology and the use of the Internet, the communication of asset and service owners and renters has eased. Digital platforms act as intermediaries between them and present fast and reliable systems. Moreover, the increase in the use of mobile banking has helped to complete transactions quickly.

Sharing economy assures the protection of the environment and the use of world resources. Sharing assets and services prevents new purchases so limited world resources can be utilized sustainably. Increased population and consumption of the resources cause increased pollution and irreversible environmental problems might occur. Therefore, individuals and companies should reduce their carbon footprint through the use of sharing economy platforms and contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. There are many sharing economy platforms such as our platform Pabbler, Airbnb, and Uber and these platforms are also complementary for travellers in their journey.


Pabbler is a platform that travellers can rent the spaces in their luggage and gain an important amount of money through carrying items of the people. Carbon emissions can be reduced because air cargo will not be used for cargo transportation. Travellers just need to choose their origin of flight, destination, and weight of cargo, take the cargo from e-commerce companies and deliver it to the cargo company in the destination country.


Airbnb is a platform that homeowners rent their empty rooms or the whole house for a while to travellers and gain money. Travellers can choose the house according to the best price, location, customer ratings, cleanliness, and more and find the ideal accommodation for them. Both sides agree on the intermediary of Airbnb and all procedures are completed safely.


Uber is a transportation platform that car owners can use their car out of private use as a taxi and carry the customers. Customers who are looking for a taxi and car owners who want to use their car as a taxi meet on the platform and high-quality transportation service is done. Therefore, car owners can gain money from their cars commercially. Customers rate the drivers according to many criteria such as cleanliness, safe driving, and more so positive and safe customer experience is provided.

Pabbler has reduced carbon footprint by 1.31% in air cargo. If you want to save the environment and increase your travel budget, Pabbler is a good opportunity for you.