What is EuroVelo?

cycling Apr 10, 2021

Do you like cycling and are you excited about long-distance routes? If your answer is “yes”, you are lucky to read this blog post. EuroVelo is a network of European long-distance cycling routes that are organized by the European Cyclists’ Federation and there are 17 long-distance routes in the network and the total length of the routes is 90.000 km throughout the European continent. EuroVelo allows cyclists to cross borders by cycling.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

EuroVelo aims to improve cycling routes, increase quality, and standardize the conditions across all countries in the routes. Additionally, it aims to promote these routes, help potential users to provide healthy and sustainable travel, and present a reliable manual for cycling-lovers. These routes have the potential to increase regional tourism and the connection of nations and countries. Cycling-lovers can check the possible touristic places and things on the routes on EuroVelo’s website. The categories that can be found on EuroVelo’s website are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Cultural Heritages, Natural Heritages, Culinary Delights, Cities of Interest, and Maritime Heritage on the routes. EuroVelo contributes to sustainable tourism because it helps to discover cities' landmarks, cultural heritages, and natural heritages by cycling that is environmentally-friendly transportation mode. People can discover countries’ beauties, do a sport, and save the environment by cycling trips.

There are 17 routes and these routes are:

  1. Atlantic Coast Route
  2. Capitals Route
  3. Pilgrims Route
  4. Central Europe Route
  5. Via Romea (Francigena)
  6. Atlantic – Black Sea
  7. Sun Route
  8. Mediterranean Route
  9. Baltic – Adriatic
  10. Baltic Sea Cycle Route
  11. East Europe Route
  12. North Sea Cycle Route
  13. Iron Curtain Trail
  14. Waters of Central Europe
  15. Rhine Cycle Route
  16. Rhone Cycle Route
  17. Meuse Cycle Route
Photo by Taliesi on Pixabay

According to your preferences, you can check the best routes for you on EuroVelo’s website or app and enjoy the beautiful natural and urban areas of Europe.

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