What is Cittaslow?

cittaslow Mar 20, 2021

Cittaslow is an organization that aims to improve the life quality of cities and their residents. It was founded in 1999 in Italy. Cities become the places that people live fast and consume fast through globalization and foods that are eaten and air that is breathed have become dirty and sustainability of cities has decreased so people lose the peace and life quality in their cities. Traditions, nature, and cultures of cities are preserved. Additionally, being a sustainable and less problematic city is encouraged.

Photo by Tolga Ulkan

Cittaslow has 272 member cities from 30 countries and new cities join the organization year by year.  Cities must have population under 50.000 and fulfill the requirement of 72 criteria under seven macro areas such as energy and environmental policies, infrastructure policies, quality of urban life policies, agricultural, touristic, and artisan policies, policies for hospitality, awareness, and training, social cohesion, and partnerships, thus cities can get certificate and status of “Slow City”.

Photo by Dylan de Jonge

In today’s world, the pace of life covers the meanings of objects and activities. Slow life that people can enjoy from the things that they do and the activities, is important. The spirit of the city that comes from its history and culture should be conserved. Sustainable development that presents enough economic power to the inhabitants of cities is crucial to establish a self-sufficient city. Moreover, Slow food is another important point because eating should be seen as a social preference not and a calorie intake activity. Fair and clean food protects the environment and it is a right of everyone.

Photo by Nowaja

Under the COVID-19 Pandemic, humanity is questioning preferences in their life and people want to avoid new pandemics. This would be a chance for Cittaslow and the World to increase sustainable, clean, fair, and authentic cities.

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