Vineyard Route: Urla

urla Sep 08, 2020

   Izmir is a capital of heaven in terms of tourism and living conditions in Turkey. If you have come this far or have plans to come, I suggest you do a wine tasting. For this reason, there are many vineyards in Urla, which is about 40 km away from Izmir. Some vineyards also offer accommodation. So let's start exploring.

  1. USCA

USCA is a boutique wine house that makes organic wine, located in the Kuşçular village of Urla. Wine production at USCA started in 2012. A William Sheakespeare's sonnet is labeled on each wine.

USCA Vineyard

2. Urla Winery

Urla Winery produces around 200-250 thousand liters of high quality boutique wines annually from vineyards over 350 decares. Here you can have a vineyard tour and wine tasting and listen to the stories of the wines. You can also stay in Urla Winery, which has a glamorous facility.

Urla Şarapçılık

3. Urlice Vineyards

The owners of Urlice, Reha Öğünlü, lived in America for many years, during which time they visited the wine vineyards and wine production facilities in the valleys of Napa and Sonoma. Then they gave up the corporate life, and returned to Turkey. They settled in Urla and founded Urlice. You can do wine tasting here. But my advice would be to drink a white wine accompanied by their own pizza..

Urlice Vineyards

You should definitely discover the Urla Vineyard Route to see many more vineyards and to taste wine.