Trick or Treat!

halloween Oct 27, 2020

It is October soo Halloween is getting toward on. It is 31st October start getting ready for it. Wear your best costumes and then be ready for the parties. In this blog, you will learn more about Halloween.

1The History of It

It goes to ancient times. It is originated from the Pagan festival Samhain. The word Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve it means hallowed evening. Hundred years ago people wore saints and went door to door and this is the origin of costumes and trick or treating.


I think one of the best parts of Halloween is costumes. People play the role of different characters with their costumes. On the 31st of October night, kids wear their costumes then they go to doors to say trick or treat neighbors gives a lot of candies to kids.

3.Garden Decorations

In the USA Halloween has a special place for them so every October they decorate their gardens with frightening objects. For example, they put fake insects or spider web. Also, pumpkin is one of the iconic decorations for Halloween. People carve faces on pumpkins then they place these pumpkins in their gardens.


The best part of Halloween for adults is the parties. The parties are mostly organized at homes. The parties are joyful places. This year you may not be able to attend overcrowded parties because of covid 19 but you can organize your own party in small groups. It can be joyful too to attend or organize a small Halloween party. Getting ready for a party might be hard do not forget to-do list for the things that you need. For example, foods should have a part in the list you will need some snacks for your party. Then one of the most important ones is music. Music affects everything so be careful while choosing the playlist. For you, we prepared a Halloween party playlist. You can check on our list too.