festival Mar 10, 2020

What is the first word that crosses your mind when you hear the word festival? Traveling? Fun?Friends? Camping? In this blog, I am going to write about festivals.

1.Rio Carnival-Brazil

This eye-catching festival that goes on for 5 days is one of the most known festivals around the world. It is mostly known for its costumes and samba. For this festival particularly more than200 samba schools always attend the Rio Carnival.

2. Holi Festival-India

Holi is mostly to celebrate the ending of winter, the beginning of spring and especially for the victory of good over evil. This mesmerizing festival begins with dancing, eating and singing. A unique fact about Holi is that elephants are taking part in it. Another reason why to attend this festival is that coloured powder included.

3. Oktoberfest-Germany

To highlight the known delicious and various beers of Germany Oktoberfest has been going on for decades. Not only the beers but also the sausages are vital. Over 6 and a half people attend this festival every year.

4. Glastonbury Music Festival-England

To have fun Glastonbury Music Festival is a must to attend. Traveling to England is a dream come true but when music, comedy, theatre or entertainment is included it is even more luxurious. The music taste of this festival is for every music lover. Glaston Music Festival consists of contemporary music, poetry, comedy, crafts, and surprisingly children's entertainment.

5. Sziget Festival

One of the most popular culture and music festival in Europe. Sziget Fest was organized inHungary northern Budapest. The festival first started in 1993 and it continues to be organized. When people go to the Sziget festival they will absolutely have fun travel. Also, some people organize their travel according to the dates of the festival.

Lastly, packing is a must to attend any of these festivals. To have further information about packing my other blog can be read. (

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