Tips for Eco-friendly Travel

environment Jun 05, 2021

Our World, Our Environment, Our Habitat! Today is World Environment Day. Our world has been polluted by all humanity for decades and its effects are so crucial on it. Increasing population and consumption of products need more resources. The Environment is damaged to get more resources. However, we can prevent it. We can behave responsibly and change our consumption and daily routines so a more sustainable lifestyle can be generated. One of the things that should be changed is our travels. We can contribute to the goal of a sustainable world by changing some of our travel habits. Let’s read some tips for eco-friendly travel.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Book e-tickets

This is one of the easiest things that you can do. Smartphones are the most common phone in the world anymore and booking tickets are easy and do not require any printed paper so if you do not book an e-ticket before, you can start it.

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Travel to green destinations

Touristic places become more aware of the climate crisis and they try to find ways to save the environment and reduce their carbon emissions. Therefore, you can choose places that care environment and generate solutions to deal with the climate crisis for your next travel destination. It will be a reward for their efforts so they will be more encouraged to continue eco-friendly activities.

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Use public transportation

We understand that you want to rent a car and feel comfortable in your trips but this is so polluting activity. If everyone rents a car on their trip, we cannot imagine how much GHG emissions occur. Renting a taxi or using platforms like Uber will also increase carbon emissions and the car will work for only you. Public transportation is an opportunity to share all carbon emissions with other people and pollute the world less.

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Choose eco-friendly hotels

Behaving responsible and searching certifications of hotels are important. You can understand how eco-friendly hotels through them. LEED-Certification is an example. There should be many determinants so you should check their website.

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Use reusable bottles

People consume more water on their trips because they walk to explore the place. Plastic wastes are one of the biggest problems in the world and you can fill your reusable bottles in every time and avoid plastic wastes.

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Take fewer items

Every single item increases the total weight of the plane and the fuel that is consumed in your abroad trips so you should take clothes or other items as much as you need and avoid unnecessary things.

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Your small contributions make a big impact when combined. Please, behave responsibly and help for saving the environment!

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