The Most Popular Safari Places in the World

Mar 28, 2021


Hello everyone, would you like to be in the wild and have a good time? If you also love adventure, animals, and nature. We can say that safaris are one of the most suitable activities for you.

There are many activities in the safari areas. You can complete your safari route by riding Jeeps, Balloons and on foot. During the safari, you can stay in camping or luxury accommodation according to your budget. While safari, you can watch the hunting time of wild animals called Game Drivers, which is a must-do activity. Let's take a look at the most visited safari routes in the world.

  1. Serengeti, Tanzania

Serengeti, Tanzania's most visited national park, continues to be one of the most popular safari routes due to its preserved ecosystem and biodiversity for centuries. During this safari you can see endemic plants as well as wild animals such as rhinos, lions, elephants and leopards up close. Serengeti awaits its visitors with its national park over 14 thousand square kilometers.

2.  Masai Mara, Kenya


Masai Mara is one of the most popular safari stops because it is an area where about two million animals migrate between July and November. For this reason, you can see many animals together here. In addition, there are 124 kinds of trees in Masai Mara and these trees are called Whispering Trees. Here you can prepare yourself for an adventurous and inspiring safari tour.

3. Grand Teton, Wyoming


Should we just go on safari to Africa? There is no need for this, as there are also magnificent safaris in the Grand Teton national park in North America. You may encounter grizzly bears, mountain lions and Canadian lynx on this safari. You can go here in the winter or in the summer. You can enjoy magnificent mountain views. Additionally, you can camp by the lake here.

4.   Gorilla Safari, Uganda


So are safaris held only in arid areas? Of course not. This safari tour, also known as a gorilla safari, is held in a protected area of endangered gorillas in Uganda's Bwindi Forest. It offers a completely different route and a different experience for you. Here you can hike and camp in the forest. You can also come across magnificent mountain views here.

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