The Most Famous Beaches in the World

May 02, 2021

Famous Beaches

Hello everyone, Have you made your travel plan for summer vacation? By vacationing at the beaches, you can reduce your stress, swim, join boat tours, sunbathe and do many other activities. If you like swimming and being on the beach, let's take a look at the world's most famous beaches before making your vacation plan.


You can enjoy its clear waters and beautiful beaches on Thailand's Phi Phi Island. You can find many different beaches in this place consisting of 6 islands. Here you can enjoy different beauties of the sea while traveling by boats. You can join daily or long-term tours to visit this place. You can also taste Thai local food here.



Located in Muğla, one of Turkey's most touristic destinations, Ölüdeniz welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year. Here you can swim on the magnificent beach and in clear water. You can also do paragliding against Ölüdeniz in Babadağ. Here you can try the beautiful olive oil dishes of the Aegean.



Navagio Beach, located in the west of Greece, is a rocky bay. There is a no other means of transportation other than the boat to reach here. You can take boat tours on your way here. Here, fine golden sand and the color of sky blue water await you. In addition, you can watch the magnificent beauty of the sunset here. There is also a sunken ship on the beach and many visitors find it interesting.



Whitehaven Beach, located on Australia's Whitsunday Island, is 7 km long. You can get to this beach by means of transportation such as boat, seaplane and helicopter. Here you can find crystal white siliceous sands and turquoise waters. You can also do picnic activities such as barbecue and camping here.


Hawaii, USA

The beaches of Kauai are located in the American state of Hawaii, which is made up of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Here you can find green and blue together. Apart from swimming, you can also find different activities such as mountain walks and camping. You can join the Kalalau Trail hiking trail and enjoy nature and sea views.

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