The Most Beautiful Canal Cities in Europe

canal cities May 29, 2021

Canals are waterways that were made by humans artificially to make transportation of people or goods for centuries. Those canals are still used to make transportation but they are more touristic these days. People make canal tours in historic city centers in many European cities and feel the authentic ambiance there. We thought that you may wonder about the most beautiful canal cities so we have found and gathered the most beautiful canal cities in Europe for you. Let's read!


Utrecht is the fourth biggest city in the Netherlands and it is an underrated city compared to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Many houses near the canals in Utrecht are around 200 years old. Oudegracht is the most famous canal and in the city center. There are many dock cellars by the canal and terraces on both sides of the canal. Many cafes and restaurants exist in those dock cellars and you can drink and eat something when you relax by the canal.

Photo by Sabine Bends on Pixabay


Venice is one of the most famous and historic Italian cities and it is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is known as the city of canals. 118 small islands that form Venice are separated by canals. Grand Canal is the most well-known canal in Venice and it is a S-shaped canal. Hundreds of bridges bring together the small islands in Venice and you can feel lost when you walk in Venice streets and bridges. Places look so similar. The most famous transportation method is gondolas and boats. Historical-looking gondolas and their captains introduce Venice to tourists through short tours in the canals. The historic city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Photo by Rebe Adelaida on Unsplash


Bruges is one of the most famous Belgian cities. The historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is famous for its chocolate, architecture, lace, and canals. Bruges is known as the Venice of the North and the canals connect different parts of the city and tourists can make tours to discover the city and see the beautiful architecture of Bruges. In my opinion, the city is the best city in canal cities that is told in this blog post for photography enthusiasts. Every corner of Bruges promises amazing shots for them. Many bridges cross the canals so you can enjoy the canal through both walking or boat tours.

Photo by Elijah G on Unsplash


Amsterdam is maybe the first city that comes to mind about canals. The city is separated by parallel canals and buildings that have amazing architecture, were built to both sides of the canals. Canals cover all city and you can make boat tours in the canals. Amsterdam is a big city so there are many opportunities to do and to see on canal tours. Additionally, you can rent a kayak and do kayaking in the canals and experience the city.

Photo by Carlotta Segna on Unsplash