The Most Amazing Train Journeys in the World

train journey Mar 27, 2021

Train journeys are good opportunities for travel lovers. People can see amazing different natures, cities, countries, and cultures. As a new rising trend, travel lovers are so interested in train journeys from all over the world. Travellers can explore vast geographies through different comfort levels and budgets. Let’s see what are the most amazing train journeys in the world!

1.     Trans- Siberian Railway Route (Russia)

Travellers can experience the longest train route in the world through the Trans-Siberian Railway and the total length of the route 9,289 km. The journey starts in Moscow and ends in Vladivostok which is located in Far-East Asia. There are 120 stops on the train and travellers can complete their journey in 8 days. Beautiful Siberian nature can be experienced. Some of the natural beauties that can be seen in this journey are the Ural Mountains and Lake Baikal. The cities of Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, and more can be visited. Moreover, people can transfer to some linked routes such as Trans-Manchurian Line and Trans-Mongolian Line.

2.     Glacier Express (Switzerland)

This journey starts in Zermatt and ends in St. Moritz that they are two famous mountain towns and winter tourism resorts in Switzerland. Travel-lovers can see picturesque landscapes along the journey and fall in love with the amazing Swiss Alps and green nature and lakes. If you want to feel relax and stay away from stress, this journey is completely fit with you. Many mountain tunnels and bridges are available through the Glacier Express but Landwasser Viaduct which is favourite of photography enthusiasts is the most famous one.

3.     The Flåm Railway (Norway)

Do you want to see beautiful Scandinavia views? The Flam Railway promises you scenic landscapes. The route is between Myrdal and Flam. You can see well-preserved nature and historic buildings all the way. However, it takes just one hour. The route is so short for people who dream to enjoy the landscapes for a long time.

4.     PeruRail Titicaca Railway (Peru)

The route starts from Puno and ends in Cusco. The total length of the route is 388 km and it takes 10.5 hours. The name of the journey comes from the Peruvian lake “Titicaca”. It can be seen and photographed scenic Andes Mountains and plains on the way. Old style Pullman cars are used and entertaining railway services are also available on the train for passengers.

5.     TranzAlpine (New Zealand)

This famous train journey promises amazing landscapes on the way for travellers. It serves on the South Island of New Zealand. The total length of the route is 223 km and it takes around 5 hours. It starts from Christchurch, crosses the Southern Alps, and ends in Greymouth. Picturesque mountain and plain views can be seen, Waimakariri River can be admired and the New Zealand’s beautiful nature can be enjoyed.