The Best Trekking Routes in the World

trekking routes Mar 13, 2021

Trekking is a tiring sport and people need to make effort to complete a trek which takes days or weeks for completing. Therefore, people who are durable to deal with all problems on the way should start to a trek and explore the natural beauties or historic ruins on the routes. March started and Spring has come. Spring is a good time to go trekking because the weather becomes warmer and conditions become more suitable, therefore the best times are beginning for trekking enthusiasts. Let's see the best trekking routes in the world!

1.     Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

This route is a real challenge and people must have good durability and fitness background to cope with difficulties on the way. The altitude reaches 5,500 meters at some points and there are photographic natural beauties, rivers, villages, and Buddhist temples. The trek takes 14 days as a round-trip and presents a satisfying journey for the people.

2.     The GR20 Route (France)

The route is in Corsica which is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful landscapes such as forests, lakes, plains, and more are waiting for the people. However, there are also a bit dangerous areas. These all together make the route world-class. The route is completed in 15 days.

3.     Routeburn Track (New Zealand)

The trek is on the South Island of New Zealand and it takes 3 days to complete. Breathtaking views like waterfalls, mountain peaks, lakes, and beaches are seen on the way. The route cross two national parks which are named Fiordland and Mt Aspiring. People can go trekking to Routeburn Track at any time of the year.

4.     Cinque Terre (Italy)

The route of Cinque Terre presents beautiful views, beaches, and villages to trekkers along the Italian Riviera. Additionally, photography enthusiasts can take exciting photos in picturesque spots. There are also many opportunities to taste world-famous Italian wines and foods during the route.

5.     Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

The route presents you to explore Mount Kilimanjaro that is the highest mountain in Africa. Trekkers can see different ecosystems along the route and experience staying in low temperature and high altitude places which the mountain reaches 6,000 meters above sea level. Ice fields can be seen on the route.

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