The 5 Most Beautiful Underwater Cities in the World

underwater cities Mar 10, 2020

In the list below, you can discover not only the archaeological remains, but also contemporary art in the underwater museums.In this article, which is connected to archeology, I wanted to tell you about the incredible underwater museums. Pleasant readings…!


Many of us know the city of Pompeii near Naples.But few of us are aware of the city of Baia, which is three times larger.Pompeii volcanoes from these cities were covered with ashes and became history. Baia was abandoned in the 8th century and flooded. Scuba or snorkeling is the only way to visit the city today.On sunny summer days, visitors can visit the glass-bottomed boats to seethe ruins of the city.It is also possible to snorkel on the ruins.But the best!experience would be scuba diving with a local guide…

2. Herod Harbor - Israel

The city of Caesarea in Israel has been the center of many archaeological excavations over the past 30 years.In 2006, the underwater museum calledHerod Harbor was built in BC. It was opened by taking one of the biggest harbors of the Roman period.Visitors swim from exhibition to exhibition between a destroyed lighthouse, the original foundations of the harbor, pedestals and anchors.

Visitors to the museum follow their path through a waterproof map provided to them.One of the four routes was prepared for snorkeling, while the other was designed for visitors with basic knowledge of diving.!

3. Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA) - Museum ofUnderwater Art - Mexico

Located in the waters of Cancun, Punta Nizuc and Women's Island, this underwater contemporary art museum features more than 500monumental sculptures.All of the works of art are made of special materials that can create a more comfortable living space for corals and connect with the sea!floor.

Visitors have the opportunity to see artworks with glass-based boat tours, snorkelling and diving routes.An important goal of MUSA is to be able to pull at least some of the 750,000 diver arriving to the Yucatan peninsula!away from coral reefs…

4. Museum of the Atlantic Lanzarote - Spain

Opened in 2016, this museum is the first underwater Museum of ModernArt in Europe, inspired by MUSA in Mexico. Museum buildings have been designed with the objective of creating anew marine habitat for the Canary Islands as well as highlighting environmental and climate change problems. Dive instructors guide detailed tours in the area of approximately 300 sculptures.

5. Shipwreck Line - Florida Keys

In this area, divers can explore the historic wreck line at the Florida Keys National Marine Reserve. The wreck area includes some shallow and deeper regions, offering divers experience opportunities for divers of different levels of experience. The oldest shipwreck was San Pedro, who left Havana in 1733, Spain's subordinate. The ship carrying crates of Mexican silver coins and Chinese porcelain sank before the opportunity to return to the harbor as a result of the tornado. A hurricane was caught and the ship sank without enough time to return to the harbor.It was discovered in the 1960s by treasure hunters!who helped rescue the remains of cargoes, as well as ballast and cannons.

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