Say Hi to Yoga!

yoga Aug 17, 2020

Yoga is a sport type that you can burn calories while relaxing. Many people are doing for their mental health. Yoga may sound boring, but there are a lot of different types of yogas. For example, if you are looking for some active workouts, you can try power yoga. Also, it is recommended for pregnant people for the baby's evolution. In this blog, I listed some resources that you can use to start doing yoga.

1Youtube Channels

You can watch and try to do it from youtube here are some recommendations. If you are looking for a Turkish channel you can visit Çetin Çetintaş's youtube channel it will be beneficial for you. If you are looking for an English channel, you can visit Yoga With Adrienne you can find classes for different levels.


You can subscribe to online classes. In these online systems, there are different methods you can find full classes also some systems provide live classes. If you are looking for Turkish systems you can look to Flo or Yogakioo.

3Yoga Studios

You can go to a studio and you can try classes maybe not in the coronavirus period after this period I recommend you to try attending a real class because it is very different from doing at home. Look for a studio near to your place.

4Instagram Accounts

There is a lot of instructors that shares yoga classes from their Instagram accounts. You can follow their accounts and do yoga from their sharings.

Lastly, if you want to start doing yoga there are a lot of choices that are appealing for every person. Do not think yoga is slow and boring when you try you will see the benefits of yoga. I think every person should try it.