Jun 19, 2020

Hello to everyone! I brought you an intriguing mystery in these overwhelming quarantine days. Hold on, because these lines in Southern Peru are about 2500 years old! Let's go on a journey through the mysterious world of these lines.

Humanity discovered these shapes only in the 1930s after the aircraft was invented. Most lines run straight across the landscape, but there are also figurative designs of animals and plants, made up of lines. Some of the Nazca lines form shapes that are best seen from the air , though they are visible from the surrounding foothills and other high places. The shapes are usually made from one continuous line. The largest ones are about 370 m (1,200 ft) long.

Hundreds are simple lines and geometric shapes; more than 70 are zoomorphic designs of animals such as a hummingbird, spider, fish, condor, heron, monkey, lizard, dog, and a human.

Anthropologists, ethnologists, and archaeologists have studied the ancient Nazca culture to try to determine the purpose of the lines and figures. One hypothesis is that the Nazca people created them to be seen by deities in the sky.

Other theories were that the geometric lines could indicate water flow or irrigation schemes, or be a part of rituals to "summon" water. The spiders, birds, and plants may be fertility symbols. It also has been theorized that the lines could act as an astronomical calendar.

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