Micro Miniature Art

microminiatureart Aug 24, 2020

Hello to everyone! Today I brought you a topic that may interest you. Micro miniature! Micro Miniature is the making of finely processed and small sized objects. This branch, where there are few artists in the world, is quite it takes effort and patience. I want to talk about Micro Miniature Museums. Let's start with the first one!

Kuşadası Municipality Necati Korkmaz Micro Miniature Museum

There are about 40 works in the micro miniatures Museum located in Aydin. It also contains works by calligrapher Necati Korkmaz. With the help of a magnifying glass these works can be seen ; Istanbul on the end of the pen , bit playing drums, etc. If you want to study these artifacts, you'll need a magnifying glass!

Nicolaï Syadristy’s Micro Miniature Museum

Small creations of Nicolaï Syadristy are on display at this museum in Kiev, Ukraine. Most artifacts in the museum have required about half a year's work. The favorite among all viewers is the caravan of camels trudging toward a pyramid and palm tree, all nestled within the eye of a needle.

Micromundi: Museum of Miniatures and Micro Miniatures of Besalú

The museum is housed in a distinctive rationalist-style building next to the Romanesque church of Sant Pere. Micromundi, the only museum of its kind in Spain, displays a wide variety of Miniatures, Mini-Miniatures and Micro – Miniatures. Admire works of art created as if by magic, such as a camel caravan in the eye of a needle, a jewel collection on top of an apple seed, and even the Eiffel tower on top of a poppy seed.

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