Lycian Way Part II

lycian way Sep 05, 2020

Hello to everyone! Let's continue with the second part of the Lycian Way blog that I published last week. But first of all, for those who do not read the first part, you can read the first part by clicking here.


Myra, which was the bishop of St. Myra, which is called "Myrrh" in the Lycian language, was established on the slope of the mountains surrounding the Demre plain from the northwest. The Ancient City of Myra is especially famous for the Lycian Period rock tombs, the Roman Period theater and the Byzantine Period Saint Nicholas Church (Santa Claus).



Pirha is one of the biggest cities of central Lycia, 18 km from Kalkan. There are many rock tombs on the slope of the mountain where the ancient city is located. The sarcophagi are scattered around. The statue of 'three women' found in this region is also exhibited in Antalya Museum.

İnbaş Cave

İnbaş Cave is located in Antalya Kaş district and is located in Bezirgân borders of Kalkan. It is much larger than the surrounding caves and contains evidence that it was inhabited centuries ago. In addition to being frequently visited by tourists who make trips to the Ancient City, it is also a frequent destination for holidaymakers who take a short break from the sea holiday and spare time for cultural trips.

Akçagerme Beach

Akçagerme Beach is approximately 200 meters long and has a shallow sea. For this reason, it is generally preferred by families with children. At the same time, the water is always warm because it is clear and shallow. In addition to having facilities around it, it also has a beach volleyball court, basketball court etc. It also has sports activity areas such as. While enjoying the sea here, you can also encounter these magnificent creatures as they are the natural habitat of Caretta Caretta.

Güvercin İni Sea Cave

Güvercin Ini Sea Cave is an exciting and surprising place for vacationers. This cave, located behind İnce Cape, is close to Kalkan and its most important feature is that it can only be entered by swimming because its entrance is very narrow. There is an underground stream flowing into the sea in the cave. The reason why it is named Pigeon Ini Sea Cave is that it hosts many wild pigeons.

Güvercin İni

Kalkan Public Beach

The biggest secret of Kalkan Public Beach's being clean, clear and deep blue is the spring water coming with the current. Thanks to the mixed spring water, it offers the opportunity to cool off in a clear and clean sea. At the same time, you can enjoy the perfect blue by meeting your needs at affordable prices thanks to the businesses around.

Seyrek Çakıl Beach

Seyrek Çakıl Beach, at first glance, catches the eye with its turquoise blue waters. The most important feature of the sparse pebble beach is that there are no facilities around it, so it is not preferred too much and takes its place in the list of suitable beaches for an isolated sea pleasure. Seyrek Cakil Beach, one of the rare places that can preserve its naturalness, promises you an ideal and ideal sea experience for the new normal.

Seyrek Çakıl Beach

Büyük Çakıl Beach

Büyük Çakıl Beach, with its turquoise color and clear sea and lush green nature view, enchants the visitors at the first encounter. One of its greatest features is that the sea is cold even in the scorching heat of summer thanks to the cold water source it contains. As the name suggests, it is pebbly but the interior of the sea is sand. There are also facilities around Büyük Çakıl Beach that you can benefit from.

Büyük Çakıl Beach

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