Luxury Camping – Glamping

glamping Aug 29, 2020

Hello, everyone! I brought you a nice blog from your boring quarantine days. Today's topic is glamping! It is a form of outdoor holidaying that means you don’t need to bring your own tent, sleeping bags and paraphernalia, instead, you can turn up to ready-pitched accommodation that is already kitted out with all the essentials that you need. Detailed information can be click here! Come on, glamping let's take a look at his examples in the world!

Night Luxury Camp, Wadi Rum-Jordan

There are handmade tents that store solar energy in this campsite, which is quite luxurious. In this region that looks like Mars, the stars are very close to you. The campsite has a private restaurant and a shared lounge. When staying in the camp center, you can take a desert safari, visit Bedouin tents, ride a camel!

Chakra Beach Kabak Village, Fethiye-Muğla

In this area, which is intertwined with nature, you can stay in design tree houses or tents. In the camping area, there is a communal lounge, yoga area and restaurant. It's also just 100 metres from the beach. You can also stay in bungalows at Chakra Beach.

Cloud Camp – Colorado / ABD

What about the idea of camping on the clouds? You stay in wooden and stone houses native to Western America. Located at the top of Cheyenne Mountain, this campground has quite a few accommodations. It's like a planet away from the metropolitan world!

High-priced glamping areas may seem expensive to you. But don't be afraid, pabbler is with you. If you save a small space from your suitcase, the Pabbler will help you! Detailed information can be click here! See you soon!