Living Like a Local in Istanbul

istanbul Mar 10, 2020

Istanbul is the most visited and crowded city in Turkey. Every year almost 5 million tourists come toIstanbul. Istanbul contains many places to see from history. Istanbul was a very important location for both the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire because of that there are many historical places to visit.

Where you should go in Istanbul?

There are many places to visit in İstanbul you need minimum one week to see every place.

Historical Places to Visit.

There are many palaces mosques, churches to visit in Istanbul but I wilö tell the most beautiful ones.I think you should start with the Basilica Cistern. This place is special for Byzantine and Ottoman at the same time. The Basilica Cistern is located in Fatih after you visit this place you can go to Ayasofya by walking. Ayasofya is a building which as church and mosque at different times. Also, do not forget to visit Topkapı Palace and enter to Aya Irini which is located in Topkapı Palace. Another place to visit is Sultanahmet Mosque also you can eat traditional Sultanahmet Meatball. Also, you should see the Dolmabahçe Palace. This palace is located near to the sea. After you visit the palace you should walk on the street which at the front of the palace.

Iconic Places That You Should Visit

I think visiting old Istanbul Towns is better than visiting historical places but I think you should see every historical monument for a minimum on time. ı think old İstanbul towns have a unique atmosphere. When you visit old towns you can see many historical buildings. my favorite town in Istanbul is Galata. In Galata, you can see the Galata Tower, old buildings, cafes, and restaurants.There is a very popular coffee shop which is Viyana Kahvesi. This place is popular with its SebastianCake. You should wait long lines to sit and eat but when I went I made take away. We ate our cake in a small tea shop which has a beautiful view. Except for Galata, you should visit Moda too. When you want to go to Moda go with historical tram you will have fruitful travel from Kadıköy to Moda. When you go to Moda have a meal at Moda Terrace this place has a gorgeous Istanbul view. Before having a meal walk in the small streets of Moda. While your walk you will be able to see many old buildings and small local cafes.

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