Family is the World, We are a Family

family May 15, 2020

The United Nations General Assembly took a decision on September 20, 1993 and declared May 15th as International Family Day and has been using it as Family Day on May 15 since 1994. Why was such a day declared? Let's examine it together.

15 May International Family Day

The United Nations targeted “Increasing awareness of all segments of the society about the family, encouraging the activities supporting the families, helping families to fulfill their social responsibilities and providing all possible protections and aids to families”. It is aimed to be aware of the family phenomenon of all segments of the society, to protect, strengthen the family integrity and to improve the family's social responsibilities.

"Tolerance Begins in the Family"

The first International Family Day was celebrated within the framework of the themes determined as "Family; resources and responsibilities in a changing world" and "Family: The smallest democracy unit in the heart of society". Since 1995 was declared as the Year of Tolerance by the United Nations, the theme of the Family Day that year was "Tolerance Begins in the Family".

It is celebrated every year with different themes.

"Studies are carried out to celebrate every May the 15th as Family Day, to gain a universal character and to better understand the needs, powers, problems and functions of today's family. During the meeting held in Vienna on 22-23 May 1995 by the United Nations, the following themes were selected for the Family Day celebrations between 1996-2000:

1996 - Poor, Homeless Families (Families Victim of Poverty and Homelessness)

1997 - Creating Families with the Principles of Equality and Justice

1998 - Family: Source of Human Rights Education

1999 - Families of All Ages

2000 - Families: Development and Social Development Units

2001 - Families and Volunteers: Establishing Social Solidarity

2002 - Families and Aging: Opportunities and Barriers"(1)

Family is a System

Relationships between family members and family environment is where the individual developing psychosocially interacts the most. These relationships make it possible for the individual to feel confident, to love himself and to other individuals, to gain identity, to develop personality, to develop social skills and to adaptation to society.

The Importance of the Family

The most important factor that makes us happy, is with us in our difficult times, and that allows us to be one and together, is the family. The family is the institution we are affiliated with the love bond we trust in every respect. As a human, we always feel the need to share happiness or sadness with others. While this is sometimes a close friend, it can often be a family member. In many studies, it has been seen that children growing up without their families face many problems in the future. Therefore, the importance of the family in our lives is increasing.

We are a Family

Family is an institution that has existed throughout the history of humanity and preserves its continuity in the face of changes. And as the Pabbler family, we are very happy to establish and maintain bonds between us.