May 30, 2020

Hello to everyone! Now that we have no idea what day we are today, I would like to tell you about the meaning and importance of the day. Today is the 31st of May, the day of international hostesses!

Are you ready to read the difficulties experienced by the hostesses, the secret heroes of our travels? So fasten your belts!

Firstly, cabin crews have to deal with a lot of different body fluids every day. It is their job to remove unpleasant elements such as vomit, urine, feces. Cleaning the aircraft toilets after each use is also among the duties of the hostesses.

They are constantly in jet-lag state. Normal sleep patterns have been disrupted, and biological body clocks have been blown away. They want to sleep when they have the opportunity, but they fail. They are always on a state of tiredness.

Cabin crew can easily get bored when they are empty during the flight. Especially on long-haul flights, plenty of time remains after the catering service is over. All they can do while sitting in the jump seat is to play games or read books on their mobile phones. That's why they like it a lot when a passenger comes and chat with them

After reading these difficulties, I think we can agree that they deserve a friendly thank you:)You can also travel and earn money by renting your luggage with pabbler!