package Mar 10, 2020

Making baggage is one of the most important parts of traveling. You need to pack according to the type of your trip.

How You Should Start Packing

1. Step

Start making list before you start packing. Write everything that comes to your mind and do not worry about the necessity of the staffs because you will eliminate them when you finish listing. Also, do not forget o add the number of products, for example, write how many socks are you going to need or approximately how many t-shirts are you going to need. Additionally, do not forget to check the weather forecast while you are making a list. Always be ready for all weather conditions like if you are going to sunny place take clothes for rainy days to be ready for all possibilities even weather forecast is not showing rainy days. Do not start listing in the last day especially for long trips start listing minimum one week before your trip. You do not need o spend long hours on the list but take the list with you to everywhere and when you remember something write it.

2. Step

When you finish listing you should eliminate the products that you listed and you need to think one more time about the products that you will need because you might forget something while you are listing. after you eliminate and add you should do the second check to your list. As a suggestion do not doit a day before you go do in a long time.

3. Step

Now you are ready to start packaging. Take your list and a pencil with you and start packaging. I advise you to package according to your list because you might forget if you placed that product or not. So while you are packaging takeout the products from which you placed to your baggage. Also before you place them to baggage put on an area that you can see all of them easily. After you finish placing your products on an area choose the most suitable suitcase for you. After you choose your suitcase start placing the products into your suitcase. When I package I place the tops to one side and the bottoms to the other side also I put my pajamas to the place that I can easily reach and the place the clothes to the top which can wrinkle. While you are packaging do not forget to put the liquids into a pack where they won't be able to flow. Lastly, separate a place in your suitcase to transform products from Pabbler and earn money. If you do not know the system you can learn from my previous write.

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