chicago May 26, 2020

Have you ever thought that you could actually visit one of the most popular tourist attractions of the world, Chicago -mostly renowned for its stiff breezes and a unique vision that is brought to black-sesame bun hotdogs-, for a price that would cost you to visit any other European countries? Well, if you haven’t yet, there could be no better time than starting to plan your overseas journey to Illinois during these days that we generally have to stay indoors!

Personally, I have never quite been able to understand why going abroad seems to be such an impossibility for most people. However, I have always believed that it must not be way higher priced than the domestic vacations that started to get more and more expensive by the understanding of luxury is replaced by another trend each year. This situation, indeed, gave me the idea of searching for more opportunities out there and revealing many advantageous vacation plans. I can already say that I was amazed by the results I received, and can not even wait for sharing one of them with you that I experienced on my own.


Plane tickets will almost have a part of 50% on your total travel expenses, that is why booking your tickets as early as possible will save you a lot of money. Also, preferring transferred flights over direct flights will be the most sensible action to take especially if you have enough time for your trip. Even though the prices could vary according to the distance you are about to travel, I can easily say that transferred tickets cost less than half of the price of direct flights. To give you a few more tips on where you could seek the cheapest tickets, I advise looking at this website which lists numerous flights from and to every corner of the world.

Additionally, the best part I love about the transferred flights is that you could get to see another country, which means you add another brand-new city to visit on your route. I highly recommend that booking the flight that you will take in your transfer country as later as possible then your arrival time in there. Because in this way, you manage to get a glimpse at the culture of that city and enjoy local tastes instead of getting bored at the airport. The transfer of my departure flight was in Paris, France while it was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the way back to Turkey. I could not get to see Paris though, there were 4 hours between my two flights. However, I had almost 13 hours for being able to visit Amsterdam, and it was honestly one of the few moments that I felt this lucky for getting the chance to see one of the most enchanting cities of the world.


You finally could make it to Chicago, congrats! After you get everything done at the airport, you will need to find a way to go to your hotel, but how? Well, since the airport is almost 40 kilometers away from the nearest city center, it might seem like an obstacle to travel inside the city. However, it is not. There are trains, taxis, and buses that will help you to easily get to the city center -especially trains are cheaper.

Booking your hostel/hotel earlier is also a way to save most of your expenses and to get to stay closer to the most popular attractions of Chicago. It depends on your budget to stay at a hotel or a hostel, but you can easily rely on the comfort of both of them if you decide on choosing the neighborhoods that are close to the main squares like Michigan Avenue.


Cloud Gate, The Magnificent Mile, The Bean, The Art Institute, United Center, The Navy Pier, Millenium Park, Skydeck... These are only a few places that instantly come to your mind when you hear somebody talking about the wonders of Chicago. Having a shore to the 3rd largest lake of the US, Lake Michigan, and being the crossing point of the modern architecture and different cultures have always made Chicago take place in most people's bucket-lists for decades. However, contrary to what is believed, the history of Chicago does not take us to the early centuries since a huge fire that broke out in 1871 changed the fate of Chicago forever. So, we could all agree that all the magnificent buildings and the bewildering sights we get to see are the work of a considerable short time. Now, as you allow me, I am more than excited to share some of my favorite spots with you!

Cloud Gate, The Bean, and Millenium Park

Are you looking for a place where you could spend a cold, sunny Saturday by chit-chatting and having a picnic with your old friends? Then, Millenium Park is the best fit for you. Having a sight on the bean-shaped metal sculpture that is surrounded by the tallest plazas of Chicago, you can take a lot of pictures and enjoy your delicacies on the benches in the middle of the square.

The Magnificent Mile, John Hancock Center and The Skydeck

I am sure that you will be filled with a familiar feeling when you make your way through the bridge of the Chicago River to the Magnificent Mile, a feeling of happiness and ease; and you will definitely stop by the Trump Buildings to have the most beautiful sight of Chicago on your memory pictures. Also, I think you should definitely take the chance to see all those tall buildings from above and take that three-minutes long elevator ride which will take you to the 96th floor of John Hancock Center for free! You can either dine at the top floor restaurant while enjoying the beautiful sight of Chicago or just take photographs. However, if you are looking for more adrenalin, you can visit the Skydeck, a full glass cube hanging on the air by buying your tickets for $25 online as well.

The Navy Pier

Another image that appears in our minds when we hear the word "Chicago" is the tremendous Ferris wheel that is located right in the middle of the Navy Pier beyond dispute. Being built almost inside the Lake Michigan, it has a weird but calm atmosphere, especially with its botanical gardens. After you listen to the screaming seagulls, take a lot of pictures of the pinky sunset, and take a look at the gift shops inside the building; here comes the best part of your places-to-visit list: Taking a ride on the biggest Ferris wheel of Chicago. You can buy the tickets for $18 and enjoy the impeccable view of the lake and the city center.

Giordano's Pizzeria

Now here comes my favorite part of all trips: the food! Chicago is mostly renowned for its black sesame bun hotdogs and deep-dish pizzas. I did not get to try its famous hotdogs, however, I can honestly say that trying the deep-dish pizza was one of the few moments in my life that I felt that close to heaven. With layers of ingredients and plenty of mozzarella cheese, I believe that it can conquer anyone's heart by a simple glance. You will have to wait for 40 minutes for taking the first bite. However, you should not hurry up while giving the orders; because the average size of any deep-dish pizza is enough for almost 3 people. Yes, it's abundant! Believe me, you will not regret trying this local taste at its headquarters, Giordano's Pizzeria.

For more information on popular attractions of Chicago, you can go take a look at

This was one of my favorite and considerably affordable experiences that I have had so far. I hope you enjoyed while reading it! Stay tuned!