flights Aug 10, 2020

I think we all agree that there is a common belief among all of us regarding the hardships of buying a flight ticket. It can be about whether they are reliable enough, whether it is worth visiting a traveling agency or, mostly, whether they are too expensive. However, especially when we consider the current circumstances of the latest days, plane companies have covered a long distance on improving the aeronautical technologies of the planes; so yes, traveling on a plane is safe. Also, there is no need to visit an agency in person since any flight ticket is one click away from you. Last but not least, they cost almost less than traveling on any kind of land vehicle.

Lately, I have been spotting many online flight tickets selling websites that seem to be either not reliable or too complicated in use. Even though going for an internet search is the best way for looking for the best price during the pandemic, you should still be picky about choosing which one to use. Now, I will be sharing with you how you can find the best-fit flight tickets for yourself in terms of price and availability that are also “one-click” away.

Using Flight Ticket Selling Websites

The main reason why I am focused on online ticket-buying is that it generally is the easiest way to find out about many daily or weekly discounts from many airlines at the same time. Many websites are originally designed for serving the opportunity of reviewing many flights to their users. By taking a look at these websites, not only will you find many cheap flight routes that you have never heard of, but also you will have the chance of choosing the best price that changes according to the dates you wish to take your flight on. Skyscanner is generally seen as one of the best websites for doing so. You can search for a month, and it will show you the cheapest tickets instantly. CheapOair, Expedia, and Google Flights are also really useful websites that you should take a look at.

Using the Official Websites of Different Airlines

If you have trust issues, looking at bigger websites like I mentioned above might be a little frightening since there’s always a risk, even though it is just a little, of purchasing wrong 3rd party tickets that might not even be existing. However, by directly looking for advantageous opportunities at the official websites of different airlines, you can eliminate that possibility. Also, it is not that hard to find the best advantages on those websites: all you need to do is check frequently. For instance, I love looking at the website of Turkey-based airlines called “Pegasus”. I even found a two-way ticket to Copenhagen for almost $60! I believe one can find even cheaper tickets by checking the website twice a week. Especially if you are an actual wanderlust and more flexible with dates, I am sure you will like this method so much!

Participating in Giveaways

One cool way for finding flight tickets is participating in giveaways and campaigns that some airlines and international companies offer now and then. I advise looking at this website: Besides, PABBLER organizes some advantageous plans for travelers, and you can even win a flight ticket by following them up! For more current information, please do not forget to keep track of our Instagram account! Our username is @pabbler.

I hope this article helps you to find the best flight tickets for yourself. Stay safe!