Being Tourist in France!

eiffel Mar 10, 2020

World's most visited country is France. Every year France is visited by almost 90million tourists. As fashions capital country many fashion shows are organizedin France. Also, the worlds biggest fashion show is organized in France every year. Not only fashion France is also popular with iconic places like the EiffelTower. Many tourists choose France for their first trip. Additionally, many lovers go to France on Valentines Day.

France is a very big country to visit it contains a lot of historical monuments and natural artifacts. In France places which are visited by tourist are not commonly visited places for French people. The places which are visited by tourists are expensive and lost France's peculiar life. The places which are commonly visited by local people have France's unique style and these places are not known by many tourists. My suggestion is visiting local places to have a good and qualified trip also for me these places can provide a better vacation for tourists.

Before I go to France I made a list of the things that I should and ı want to add the things that I planned to do to my writing. I think as the most classic activity you should visit Eiffel Tower and after going to top make a picnic in the garden which is located around the tower everybody chooses to eat at the restaurant which is located at the top of the Eiffel Tower but because of the crowd, you might not be able to find a place. Secondly, you should spend a lot of time inthe Louvre Museum and I highly recommend you to visit in weekdays you might wait long hours at the line to go in. Also, do not forget to take a photo in front of the Louvre Museum's iconic building. Then do not forget to have a walk at Champs Elysees. For breakfast take your croissant, coffee and have a picnic at Luxemburg Palaces Garden. Also, spare your one day to Disneyland you will have a lot of fun. Additionally, to these places go to lavender gardens at Marseilles.

There is a song which always remembered me France which is Sympatique-Pink Martini.

Yağmur SAN