Ancient Egypt and Holy Cats

Egypt Mar 10, 2020

Ancient Egypt, the most talked about and curiosity in the world since the beginning of the 20th century. Almost everything about theAncient Egyptian Civilization is being wondered and will continue to be. The question of why is the simplest question we all resort to. We think that the most important answer:  Mystery… Another answer is grandeur…

Here is one of the curiosities… Holy cats!

Among the cemetery products of the 12th dynasty were the skeletal remains of cats. (1) Cat-shaped ornaments used in the New Kingdom ofEgypt show that cat cult is more popular in daily life.In ancient Egypt, cats were seen as goddesses because they protect their most basic food, wheat, from rats. (2) Cats protected the wheat fields from rats and thus became gods in ancient Egypt. The cats were highly praised for killing poisonous snakes and protecting Pharaoh at least since theFirst Dynasty of Egypt.

In fact, when a cat dies, they are buried in ceremonies or when a family cat dies, they shave their eyebrows to make the whole family mourn. At the same time, it is forbidden to take cats out of the country in ancient Egypt.

After this value given to the cat by the ancient Egyptians began to be domesticated approximately five thousand years ago, cats are estimated to be the origin of corn.

If you want to come across the remains of cats, you can visit Saqqara in the south of Cairo. If you get the Pabbler application, of course, you will have an enjoyable trip and you will make money!

Nilsenay Serttaş