mindfulness Oct 19, 2020

Hello, everyone! I wanted to come soon, and I brought you a great title. Mindfulness! Mindfulness is the ability to manage our attention. Being aware of our breath, body, thoughts, behavior in everyday life and being able to question them. Let's take a look at the mindfulness emerging in the UK by Philip Barnard and John Teasdale. Detailed information can be click here!

Mindfulness, in short, means awareness of the present tense. Mindfulness is based on Buddhist philosophy in its origin. But it is not connected with any religious or philosophical current. Mindfulness, a Buddhist meditation method at the beginning, is often used in therapies. Mindfulness is not a relaxation technique. Mindfulness is not about looking at events from the negative or positive side, but about being able to see and meet events as they are.

Who Can Make Mindfulness?

You don't need to have meditated or done yoga before to start mindfulness. For Mindfulness, your religious faith is also trivial. Anyone who wants can make mindfulness a part of their daily life.

Advantages Of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness will allow us to see our behavior more clearly. In this way, we will be able to see our mistakes and fix most things.
  • In most of the moments we are in, we think about our future and worry. Mindfulness makes it easy to focus our minds on the present, which are too fond of navigating the future and past.
  • With Mindfulness, we see things as they are and don't try to put them into a mold. In this way, we do not pretend that we are happier, and we do not confirm events that go wrong in our lives

I'm quite happy to have met Mindfulness, and I'm sure you will be too! The construction stages of mindfulness can be click here. Be well, see you soon!