5 Point That You Never Heard About Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo May 22, 2020

Before going on with the articles here is a short biography of Victor Hugo. Victor Marie Hugo is a French poet, novelist, and dramatist. He born on 26 February 1802 in Besançon and he died 35 years ago today (22 May 1885) Hugo was at forefront of the Romantic Movement. He wrote a lot of books the most famous ones are Les Miserables and The Hunchback of the Notre Dame. He was 83 when he died and after his death his house is turned to a museum which is located in Place des Vosges. If you are wondering to visit his house in France you may read our writing about France it will be helpful about your tour plan. Also if you want to learn more about Hugo's life you can visit Wikipedia.                

Les Miserables

For his one of the most known which is Les Miserables he worked for long years according to some resources he wrote in 17 years. Hugo finished this book in 1862. Also the French literature's longest sentence is in this book which is 823 words.

The Hunchback of the Notre Dame

Hugo's other most famous book is The Hunchback of the Notre Dame. He wrote this in 1831 and he did not write another book until 1852. The reason is not proved but according to some resources he did not write because of his daughters death in 1843.

His Writings

Sometimes he could not write when he could not he calls his footman and gives his all clothes to footman and says to lock himself into the room with a pen and paper. also not to leave the house while writing he locks his all clothes to a wardrobe so he can not leave the house.

Personal Life

Victor Hugo did not have easy life it is seen like he had a nice and happy life but it was not like that. Hugo lost his daughter at a crush when she was 2 month old and this affected his psychology in a negative way. He lost his wife in 1868 and then he returned to France from Franco-Prussian War. After they came to France he wrote a poem which is L'Annee Terrible. While that tough period he said we did not know what we eat because of food poverty they ate the animals in the zoo. Lastly, he is sent to exile for 3 times.

His Death

His elder life was better than his young ages. French people liked him a lot and his 80th birthday celebrated with a big and fascinating ceremony in the garden of his house. Almost half million people attended the procession around his house. After 3 years of his birthday, his death ceremony held at the same place. More than 2 million people attended procession it took 6 hours to complete the procession. The procession started from the Arc de Triomphe and ended at the Pantheon where he is buried. Pantheon is a place where many famous authors are interred such as Emile Zola and Voltaire.