May 30, 2020

The United Nations Organization unanimously accepted that June 5, "World Environment Day" in 1972..Since then, it has been celebrated with various events around the world to attract public attention to environmental problems and to improve public participation.

You can start exploring cities that are filled with green spaces that offer the freshest air to their inhabitants.Here are the 5 cleanest cities you will get lost in!

1- Swiss

Switzerland, the life of green, is at the top of this list. Switzerland can also give nature the value it deserves. You will admire its nature with a holiday on the shore of Lake Geneva in the middle of the Alps.


Officially the Kingdom of Norway is a country that truly offers royal life to all its people. Norway is one of the cleanest and also the most beautiful countries in the world. In this fresh air, you can witness the beauty of the northern lights in its clearest way. At the same time, Norway was the first country to ban forest destruction.


Canada, located in North America, is one of the countries that most of us want to see in their dreams. It is impossible not to be enchanted by its nature hidden under the snow. Same time, Canadians are the second happiest people in the world. With their environment, this is perfectly normal!

4- New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the cleanest countries in the world, giving its people unique experiences. Of course, considering that there are 5 million people in New Zealand, it is normal to be clean.

5- Fiji

Finally, we see a real natural wonder outside the countries that keep cities clean from people and garbage. The land of the islands, where the waters it has is the most expensive in the world, is like the most natural state of nature.

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