5 Cities Where You Will Fall In Love With Autumn

fall Sep 24, 2020

    Hi everyone! Traveling in the fall is a unique experience. Neither hot nor cold, the streets you wander in warm weather... In this blog I will tell about the cities that should be at the top of your autumn travels. If you're ready, let's start.

  1. Prague, Czechia

I think Prague should be in first place. Prague is such a city that I think it must be beautiful in every season. You can feel its mystical and gothic atmosphere all over the city. There are so many things to do in this city that you will need at least 3 days. You have to go to Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral inside. Be sure to see St. George's Basilica and the Dancing House. Do not forget to give one of the known poses in front of the Dancing House :) Listen to the 'dong' sound of the Astronomical Clock in Old Town. And of course take pictures in front of the John Lennon Wall. There is so much more to do, I think it is time to explore this city in autumn.


2. Budapest, Hungary

The two cities of Buda and Pest, this is where they meet. The only thing you need to pay attention to in this city is to return without leaving your heart :) Since it is a small city, you will not have any transportation problems. I suggest you watch the beauty of Chain Bridge. You can take pictures with the lion figures in front of it. You should watch an opera at the State Opera House. You can look at the architecture of the Parliament Building. You can take a boat tour on the Danube River in the middle of Buda and Pest. See the shoes on the banks of the Danube and commemorate those who died in World War II.


3. Florence, Italy

Another city where autumn looks good is Florence. You must see the popular bridge Ponte Vecchio on the Arno River. Do not return without tasting the famous Italian coffees and ice cream. You have to go to Florence Cathedral in Duomo Square. You will be amazed by the architecture of the cathedral. At Le Cappelle Medicee, you can taste many Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and lasagna.


4. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is known as the most European city in North America. You can see a lot of French architecture. This city also has the UNESCO City of Design award. See Notre Dame Church on Place d'Armes square. You should visit the Bank of Montreal, Canada's oldest bank, similar to the Pantheon in Rome.


5. Brugge, Belgium

From the moment you enter the city, the smell of chocolate will surround you. You can easily travel within the city on foot or by bicycle. You must see the colorful Brugge houses in Markt Square. The 800-year-old St. Jans Hospital is currently used as a museum, I recommend you to visit here. You can then take a short canal tour. You can watch the autumn leaves falling on the ground in Minnewater Park, which means Love Lake.


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