centralpark Jul 15, 2020

Hey, everybody! Today we will examine a perfect park right in the middle of New York's metropolising world. Central Park! With thousands of plants and trees, this park is home to dozens of animal species. Established in 1850, this park is a purely human element. The Park has about 21 playgrounds, 51 statues and 36 bridges. If you want to know more about Central Park you can click here! If you're ready, let's take a look at the park, which has a 150-year history. Let's list the best activities you can do in Central Park!


This park, which has more than a hundred animals, was reopened in 1988 after 4 years of work. Although it has a small space, its design has been enjoyed by visitors. Areas suitable for each climate have been created. The best example of this may be that penguins and polar bears live in the Arctic environment.


The Hans Cristian Andersen statue is one of the most popular statues in the park. Often garnering the attention of children, this sculpture hosts storytelling sessions in the summer. If you are overwhelmed on a hot summer evening, you can spend your time here with beautiful stories. It is located west of Conservatory water!


You can take in the castle's terrace and enjoy a unique view of Central Park. Behind the stone walls is the Central Park Learning Center. Delacorte Theater is the best, although you can see most points from the terrace of the castle. Each summer, beautiful Shakespeare interpretations are exhibited. For free!

If you're on your way to Manhattan and are overwhelmed by the heat, Central Park will offer you a unique coolness. Although walking around Central Park is a free activity, it would be great to have a picnic on the lawn. Then you can make it free with a small portion that you can save on your suitcase! Detailed information can be click here.
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