11 Ways To Travel Safely While The COVID-19

covid-19 Jul 10, 2020

COVID-19 first incidence in December of 2019 in Hubei which is one of China 's states. Coronavirus is first seen in Wuhan city. Coronavirus started to spread fastly to other cities of China and then to the other countries this fast spread lead to global concern also because of the COVID-19 people's life started to get difficult. These problems caused people to think that while the COVID-19 is it possible to travel safely? Additionally you can learn more about corona from WHO’s website

COVID-19 and Effects Coronavirus has a lot of different symptoms such as fever or shortness of breath. It infects with the droplets which spread around when people cough, sneeze, handshake, hug, or while talking. The virus caused varial dangers even death that caused some countries to close their borders and deactivate the transports to other countries. There was another big enigma which is it safe to trave countries which didi not closed the borders.

11 Ways To Travel Safely While The Coronavirus

    • 1. Follow The Coronavirus Maps

When coronavirus started to spread fastly and some countries closed their borders coronavirus maps are created. This map shows the virus detected countries. When you are traveling you can follow the death number, virus detected countries, and city information from interactive maps. In this way, you can learn the true information about the coronavirus where coronavirus intensely detected.

  • 2 Use Mask While The Trip

No matter which country you are traveling to it is very crucial to use a mask the whole trip. To protect from viruses you should use the N95 type mask. N95 masks protect more than other masks from dust, fog, fume, virus, and bacteria. Masks are mainly for ill people masks is aiming to prevent the spread of the virus from ill people to others but it is recommended for everyone to use masks in crowded places. Especially you should use masks in airports, planes, bus and city centers it is very crucial to use at these places.

      • 3 Avoid To Touch As Much As Possible

You may need to be in touch with too many people or objects while traveling you should be careful about this and you should avoid being in touch with people or objects. Especially avoid handshake kiss, hug, or other physical touches because corona's fastest way to spread is physical touches. It is not enough to think or know that people you touch are not corona because the person might be in the incubation period and a person might infect you too.

      • 4 Be Careful About The Hygiene Of The Place That You Will Accommodate

While the trip closed areas are as important as the open areas. Especially the hotels or homes that you are going to accommodate for the whole nights' hygiene have a big importance. That is why you should ventilate your rooms too often.  Although you think your room is clean you should clean the objects with alcohol-based cleaning staff so it will protect you from the virus in the room.

   • 5 Take Care of Your Clothes Cleaning

Although the room is disinfected do not forget that you might bring a virus to the room on your clothes. That is why you should provide general hygiene. For this, you should clean the clothes that you wear outside with alcohol-based cleaning staff.

  • 6 Be More Careful In Crowded Places

You should be very careful in centers, museums, galleries, or historic places of the country that you are going to visit. These kind of places are the places where spread possibility of the virus is higher.

• 7 Take Cleaning Products With You

For your trip period take hand sanitizer, cologne, and soap in case of not finding water or soap. You can read our blog about packing in order to be able to take all the things that you need.

   • 8 Be Careful About Your Hand Hygiene

Hand and face hygiene is one of the most important things that you should be careful while your trip. You should wash your hand for a minimum of 2 minutes and foam until the cleaning product process to your hands. You should avoid touching your eyes before washing your hands.

 • 9 Be Careful About the Hygiene of The Places That You Eat

Not only the hygiene of the place that you accommodate is important the places that you eat hygiene are important too. That is why you should be sure about the hygiene of the place before eating there.

• 10 Avoid To Consume Animal-Based Foods

Animal-based foods help the virus to increase and continue to live in them for a long time because of that avoid eating animal-based foods. While the travel try to  prefer food without animal-based products.

• 11 Be Careful About Staff Sharing

While your travel avoid using a fork, knife, etc. which are used jointly. In fact, try to take this kind of staffs with you to your travel